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Tayyib Certified Scanner™

Muslim Assayers Council

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Tayyib Certified Scanner: Promoting Shariah Compliance and Ethical Business

At the Islamic Monetary Council (IMC), we understand the importance of Tayyib Certification not only as a symbol of halal integrity but also as a sign of Shariah compliance and ethical business practices. Our Tayyib Certified Scanner service is designed to help your business demonstrate its commitment to these principles. Here's how IMC can provide Tayyib Certification services to your business:

1. Initial Assessment:

IMC initiates the Tayyib Certification process by conducting an in-depth assessment of your business, its products, and its production processes. This assessment includes:

• Review of Ingredients: IMC experts meticulously examine the ingredients used in your products to ensure they are halal and do not contain any haram (forbidden) substances.

• Production Methods: We assess the production methods to ensure they align with Islamic ethics, Shariah principles, and fair labour practices.

• Sourcing and Supply Chain: Our team investigates the sourcing of raw materials and the supply chain to verify ethical and sustainable practices.

2. Compliance Evaluation:

We evaluate your business's overall compliance with Shariah principles and ethical standards. This involves ensuring that your financial transactions, contracts, and business operations align with Islamic finance and ethics.

3. On-Site Audits (If Necessary):

In some cases, IMC may conduct on-site audits to verify the accuracy of information provided and ensure that your business practices align with the principles of Tayyib Certification.

4. Certification Award:

Upon successful completion of the assessment and evaluation processes, IMC awards your business with the prestigious Tayyib Certification. This certification serves as a visible symbol of your business's commitment to Shariah compliance, halal integrity, and ethical business practices.

5. Marketing and Promotion:

IMC actively promotes Tayyib Certified businesses through various channels, including our website and social media platforms. This exposure helps your business reach a wider audience of conscious consumers seeking ethical and Shariah-compliant products and services.

6. Ongoing Support:

IMC provides ongoing support to Tayyib Certified businesses, helping them maintain their compliance with Islamic ethics and standards. We offer guidance on any necessary adjustments or improvements to ensure the continued integrity of your products and services.

Benefits of Tayyib Certification for Your Business:

• Shariah Compliance: Tayyib Certification serves as a clear indication of your business's commitment to Shariah compliance in all aspects of operation.

• Market Differentiation: Tayyib Certification sets your business apart in the market as an ethical and Shariah-compliant option, attracting a growing segment of conscious Muslim investors.

• Investor Trust: Investors place trust in Tayyib Certified businesses, knowing that your products and services adhere to high ethical and Shariah compliant standards.

• Ethical Reputation: Your business builds a reputation for ethical practices, contributing to long-term sustainability and positive brand perception.

To access IMC's Tayyib Certification services and demonstrate your business's commitment to Shariah compliance and ethical business practices, visit our dedicated Tayyib Certification on top of this page. IMC is your partner in promoting ethical business and halal integrity in accordance with Islamic principles.